Brescia University offers students a wide variety of courses

Brescia University offers students a wide variety of courses. These include English language and literature. This program is ideal for students who want to specialize in a subject that is often used in a variety of careers.

Students who want to study English will have the opportunity to analyze various literary texts from throughout history. They will also gain insight into the cultural legacy of marginalized communities. In addition, the course will enhance their writing and analytical skills.

The BA English Literature degree is a three-year course that focuses on literary analysis. Students will be able to explore different eras of composition and learn about the works of some of the most important writers in each era.

During their time in the program, students will have the opportunity to study a variety of genres, including poetry, drama, and prose. ThereĀ Refer to This Site are also courses that focus on the history of English, as well as the work of authors such as Shakespeare and John Milton. Some of the courses offered include Old English Poetry, the Romantic Period, and the Eighteenth Century.

Aside from coursework, students can enjoy campus organizations and clubs. Brescia also has an in-house literary magazine, which provides students with the opportunity to show off their creative flair.

The BA English Literature degree is very rigorous. Students must read a wide range of works to be able to develop their critical literacy and analysis skills. This requires an intense weekly reading schedule. Furthermore, students will be required to perform critical analysis of various passages in class. For HL students, they will have to write a 1200 – 1500 word essay on a work they have studied.

As with most degrees, there are a variety of options available to students. If you would like to specialize in literature, you can take the course as a minor. Additionally, you can opt for an Honors Specialization in English Language and Literature. You may also pursue a master’s degree. Regardless of your degree of choice, a strong knowledge of the English language is essential.

English is a major that can be found on many colleges and universities. Many of these programs require high school graduation or an A-level qualification. However, the study curriculum is consistent at a wide variety of schools. Therefore, students will be able to seamlessly shift from one program to another.

If you are looking to build a career as an English teacher, or even a writer, then you should consider pursuing this degree. It will give you the skills you need to communicate effectively and develop an interesting and challenging career. Graduates can choose to teach in colleges and universities or pursue other exciting careers.

In addition to the core requirements of the English degree, students are expected to spend a large amount of time studying outside of the classroom. They should plan to engage in independent study, read journals and books, and participate in group discussions.

Brescia’s English programs are designed to give students the opportunities to explore their passion for writing and reading. Graduates will be ready for employment and continue their passion for English in the workplace.

How To Find The Right Marketing Company For Your Business

How To Find The Right Milwaukee Marketing For You

If you’re wondering how to find the right marketing company in Milwaukee, you’ve come to the right place. This article features Keystone Click, Stream Creative, Local Web Concepts, and Ron Sonntag Public Relations. All of these companies specialize in marketing their respective clients’ products and services. You’ll find that these companies specialize in different aspects of marketing and are well-suited for your specific needs. But which one is right for your business?

Keystone Click

The interactive marketing agency of Keystone Click in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, provides online tools that help businesses grow. Their services include e-commerce website design and development, search engine optimization, and Drupal CMS. Their team is constantly attending workshops and seminars to stay up to date with industry trends. This ensures that all of their efforts are highly effective and will result in a higher ROI. They are AMI-accredited to ensure that their work meets the highest standards of professionalism.

Keystone Click employs the expertise of four people to help with the digital aspects of your business. Gleb, an experienced coder, works on the backend of the website, ensuring that it performs well. Brooke is a creative, bringing fresh ideas to the marketing plan, publishing them on various digital channels. Hannah, a jack-of-all-trades, assists with content for websites and podcasts.

Stream Creative

Stream Creative, a full-service Milwaukee marketing agency, has been helping growing businesses in the Milwaukee area for over a decade. With a focus on creative branding and online marketing, Stream Creative helps businesses build their brand and grow their digital presence. Their expertise includes media planning, content creation, and social media. They are also certified HubSpot Platinum Partners. The Stream Creative team has the skills to create compelling, high-converting content and strategies that engage customers.

Local Web Concepts

For digital marketing strategies in Milwaukee, look no further than the team at Corberry Digital. With a range of services including web development, paid advertising, and SEO, they can help you get noticed by more potential customers. Their expertise ranges from content creation to online reputation management, and they can even automate your recurring advertising needs. Their clients include law firms, franchises, and real estate brokerages. They serve small to mid-size businesses and specialize in both B2B and B2C marketing.

For business-to-business marketing in Milwaukee, consider Naveo. This full-service Milwaukee-based agency offers digital marketing services based on a proven search engine marketing program. They also offer social media management, email marketing, and keyword research and distribution. Their staff is highly experienced and has more than 100 years of combined experience in a wide range of fields. They are available for projects large and small, and are familiar with all aspects of marketing.

Ron Sonntag Public Relations

Since 1980, Ron Sonntag Public Relations, Inc., a Milwaukee-based public relations firm, has been a dedicated partner for local companies and special events. Today, the company uses a wide array of marketing tools to reach its diverse client base. From traditional advertising and public relations to social media and digital marketing, Ron Sonntag Public Relations creates customized marketing plans to promote their clients. In addition to traditional marketing methods, Ron Sonntag Public Relations also provides editorial services.

The company serves a range of markets including the automotive, healthcare, and finance industries. Its Milwaukee office manages media training, media releases, and events. It also performs media relations and offers video production services. The company has years of experience working with a variety of clients, including automotive, retail, consumer products, and healthcare. To find out more about Ron Sonntag Public Relations, contact them today. You’ll be glad you did.

VISIT Milwaukee

The VISIT Milwaukee marketing team consists of 32 travel media influencers who will be responsible for creating and distributing content related to the city. Of these influencers, over half identify as people of color, LGBTQ+, or disabled. They include bloggers, social media managers, and digital advertising analysts. VISIT Milwaukee’s content is aimed at attracting more visitors to the area. To help spread the word about Milwaukee, the team will host events to raise awareness about the city.

VISIT Milwaukee’s team has also launched a television show, “Good Things Brewing,” that will air on a national television network. The show will air on YouTube and social media, and it will likely air during the daytime on weekends. The episodes will be made up of four episodes, and the content will include video messages and “experience” interviews with the city’s most interesting people. To get the word out about Milwaukee, the team is promoting a series of events that will appeal to a wide range of audiences.

The Best Way to Seal Wood Countertops

best way to seal wood countertops

If you are looking for the best way to seal wood countertops, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for a food-safe wood sealer, consider the Bayes High-Performance Food-Grade Mineral Oil. With its unique formula, this product helps preserve kitchen items such as wood cutting boards. This sealer can also protect wood utensils and kitchen utensils, which makes it an excellent choice for countertops and utensils.

Water-based vs oil-based polyurethane

When it comes to sealing wood countertops, there are two types of polyurethane: water-based and oil-based. Both of these finishes protect wood from heat, moisture and traffic. However, they do not offer the same protection against UV rays. In addition, oil-based polyurethane gives off strong odors, which some woodworkers dislike, and it may turn a white wood countertop a yellow tone.

Choosing between a water-based or an oil-based polyurethane depends on the type of finish you want. Water-based polyurethane is lighter and dries more quickly, while oil-based polyurethane tends to leave a yellow tint on the surface. Oil-based polyurethane is more durable and lasts longer, but it can also be harsh on your health.

Butcher block wax

A butcher block cutting board is made from solid wood and will shrink over time as moisture changes. This means that the best way to maintain a butcher block cutting board is to prevent it from being exposed to extreme dryness, as this can lead to cracks. It is best to avoid using butcher block cutting boards for raw meat, poultry, and fish. To maintain a clean butcher block, wipe it down with a damp cloth or a vinegar-water solution. The water should be wiped up immediately and the butcher block should be allowed to air dry.

Once a butcher block is clean and sanded, you can apply a film finish to protect it from stains. This finish is much longer lasting than an oil, and it does not require frequent reapplication. To apply the wax, you must sand the butcher block smooth and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This wax should be applied to the entire butcher block countertop, from the underside to the top.

Rubio Monocoat

Among the many different kinds of sealants for wood countertops, Rubio Monocoat Oil is among the most popular. It is a two-part oil that requires no sanding and is available for $150 a gallon. Rubio Monocoat Oil has zero VOC, meaning it does not contain any harmful ingredients. This sealant doesn’t need to be reapplied every month, unlike other sealants.

The best way to apply a wood finish is to use a hard wax oil such as Rubio Monocoat. Hard Wax Oils have been used in Europe for decades, but only recently became popular in the United States. You can find a thorough comparison of hardwax oils at Tadas Wood Flooring. Rubio Monocoat is one such product and uses a boiled linseed oil base. Other ingredients include additional waxes and catalytic driers. As a result, Rubio Monocoat gives a richer and deeper color to wood and dries with a natural satin sheen.

Howard Products

If you’re wondering if you can use a food grade wax to seal your wood countertops, you can. Howard Products makes a food-grade wax that will add beauty to your kitchen while protecting it from damaging chemicals. The wax can be rubbed on wood, absorbed into it, and then buffed off. It’s an easy, cost-effective way to protect your wood countertops and kitchen cabinets. To make sure that your wood counters stay protected, it’s important to apply the wax regularly.

A wood countertop’s durability depends on the type of sealer you use. Some countertops are sealed with Monocoat, which is an oil finish that has no protective shell. Although it’s easy to re-oil this finish, it doesn’t provide enough protection from water. Some topical sealers, such as Howard Restor A Finish, increase scratch resistance, but aren’t as scratch-resistant as stone. However, if your wood countertops do develop scratches, you can use Howard Restor A Finish to repair them.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Your Dog Trained?

what are the benefits of getting your dog trained

Getting your dog trained can help protect your family, reduce anxiety, and socialize your pet. Dogs who have been trained will also behave more appropriately in new situations. Socialization is important for the health and safety of your pet, and can prevent a dog from jumping on people or other pets.


Getting your dog trained can benefit you and your dog in many ways. Training helps you establish boundaries and teach your dog appropriate behavior. This also helps you avoid conflicts with other dogs and prevent your dog from running into traffic or harming itself. Dog obedience training is also beneficial for the health of your home and property.

One of the first benefits of training your dog is that it will improve your relationship with your dog. It is common for people to complain about the bad behavior of their dogs, but proper training can help resolve behavior issues early on. The first step to training your dog is to introduce him to other dogs and people who love dogs. Socialization starts as early as seven to eight weeks of age and will prevent your dog from developing behavior problems later in life.


One of the most important benefits of getting your dog trained is socialization. Essentially, socialization means exposing your dog to different people and things. This helps your puppy become less fearful and more confident. It also reduces the stress of owning a dog. This is why socialization is essential for a happy and healthy dog.

Socialization can also help your dog learn how to navigate the world without fear. It also helps it understand that loud noises and strangers aren’t harmful. Socialization is important for dogs because without it, they’re prone to many health issues. Without proper exposure, your dog can develop a variety of problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and Cushing’s Disease. Socialization can also help your dog’s health by preventing genetic diseases from being passed on to their offspring.


Getting your dog trained is essential for a number of reasons. Not only does it make your home safer, but it also improves your dog’s behavior. A well-trained dog will respond to voice commands, avoid dangerous areas, and behave properly around other people and animals. This can help prevent problems with other animals and family members. In addition, a trained dog will also respect your living space.

Dogs that are socialized are more likely to behave better around other people and animals, making it easier for them to meet new people and dogs. This also means that they are more likely to be adopted. A well-trained dog will be more friendly and comfortable around other people and animals, and will enjoy social interactions.


Training your dog is a fantastic way to strengthen your bond with your pooch. A strong bond can lead to a stronger relationship, and it can even be a lifelong process. Dogs with strong bonds are often more observant and responsive to their owners, which can lead to a happier dog and owner.

When your dog is trained, you’ll both be able to establish boundaries and communicate with your dog. This will prevent conflict between you and your dog, and may even prevent your pooch from hurting itself in an unplanned situation. During training, your dog will also get physical and mental exercise, which will make him feel better. It will also help prevent future behaviour issues and vet visits.

Obedience classes

Taking your dog to obedience classes can help you in many ways. Not only will you get a good physical workout, but you’ll also meet other dog owners who can share tips and tricks. Classes at an obedience school may even include social events and BBQs. Many also have dog-related products for sale.

First and foremost, you’ll learn proper commands and behaviors that will improve your life with your dog. This will allow you to enjoy your companion and help keep your home safe. Secondly, you won’t have to worry about your dog misbehaving at home, which can be a real pain. Moreover, obedience classes will also make it easier for you to manage your dog so that he doesn’t get into trouble.

Good manners

Getting your dog trained in good manners is an excellent way to ensure that it does not lash out at people or other animals. In addition to teaching your dog general behavior guidelines, this type of training helps your dog adjust to its new environment and learn to communicate with you. If you’re looking for a way to get your dog to be more polite, consider enrolling it in obedience classes.

The earlier you begin training your dog, the more effective it will be. Good manners training involves catching your dog’s inappropriate behavior in the act and interrupting it before it can progress to the next stage of the behavior. In addition, interrupting at the right time can change the course of behavior. For example, if your dog jumps up and paws touch your legs, interrupting at the right time will make sure that it doesn’t get your legs dirty!

Leash training

One of the benefits of leash training your dog is that you can teach them to come when called. Whether you’re walking through the neighborhood or navigating a busy street, a dog that knows to come when called is an invaluable safety and training tool. Having the ability to control your dog’s behavior without using force will help you create a better bond with your pooch.

When you’re not in sight of your dog, he may wander off. This is because dogs walk faster than humans do and are not as prone to follow a straight path. However, for safety reasons, it’s important that your dog remains in your line of sight at all times. Off-leash time will be more enjoyable for you and your dog if you can teach your dog to stay near you.